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Kamal Press Limited is a full-service Printing & Packaging company, serving the basic and specialized printing needs of individuals and organizations in Bangladesh since 1953. Our experienced team of professionals stand ready to serve you in all aspects of your printing needs, including graphic and layout design, digital and offset printing, folding, cutting, sorting to mailing of your finished products. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes the largest format press in the area, which translates to greater versatility, shorter print times, and high quality production for you.

Kamal Press Limited has been delivering value for over 60 years by providing quality products and individualized service. If your organization has on-going or occasional requirements for black-and-white or full-colour printing of brochures, forms, Folding Cartons/Box, DS/ Leaflets, Labels, Literature, Poster & also soles promotional materials supplier & manufacturer — we’d be honoured to work for you.

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We’d be happy to collaborate with your organization if you need brochures, forms, Folding Cartons / Boxes, DS / Leaflets, Labels, Literature, Posters, and sales promotional materials provider and manufacturer on a regular or occasional basis in black and white or full color.

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